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“Grīzīņdārzs” marks a milestone by embedding a time capsule in a special event at the creative quarter

“Grīzīņdārzs” marks a milestone by embedding a time capsule in a special event at the creative quarter

In September 2022, visitors gathered in the “Grīziņdārzs” territory to celebrate a significant milestone in the transformation process of the former factory building and collectively experience a truly historic moment – the sealing of a time capsule. This symbolic event assures that the project is moving forward and is set to reach its finish line soon.

On a sunny fall afternoon, the music of the “Sunny Groove Dixie” orchestra filled the air with joy and festive vibes. The event gathered everyone involved in the project, including teams from the architectural bureau “Open AD” and real estate developers “RA Invest”, celebrating their significant contribution to the project “Grīziņdārzs” and witnessing this historic moment. The time capsule, containing memorabilia and messages, was sealed and placed in the heart of “Grīziņdārzs,” symbolising the essence of the changes in the surrounding area.

This event marked the beginning of a new phase for “Grīziņdārzs”. The former factory building, transforming into a sustainable creative quarter, is becoming a hub for innovation, collaboration, and inspiration for future generations. The time capsule, reflecting the passion and vision behind the project, serves as a bridge to the future, reminding us that the best is yet to come for “Grīziņdārzs”.

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