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Grīziņdārzs: A year in review and exciting prospects for 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, we are glad to glance back at the remarkable progress made in the development of Grīziņdārzs. Emerging as a symbol of urban transformation, the project is notable for worthy achievements, such as the ongoing renovation of the K2 building and the completion of the K4 building, showcasing revitalized interiors and exteriors. Our collaboration with the architecture bureau “OAD” shows enlightening results and promises to deliver some more innovative solutions in the upcoming year.

Stepping into 2024, our focus is on continued success and sustainability. The development team is eager to put the final touches on K2’s building facade and interior, accompanied by an improved courtyard adjacent to the building. Highlighting innovations that permeate the course of the project, the designing of the exclusive offices with terraces on the third floor of K4 will be completed in the upcoming months. Furthermore, the commencement of the K1(D) building’s facade renovation promises to be another pivotal chapter in the story of Grīziņdārzs.

Beyond the work on buildings, a landscape shift is on the horizon with the construction of a extension of  Klijānu Street that will be connecting it to Brīvības Street. This novel route will provide tenants with easy access to Grīziņdārzs from Brīvības Street and a seamless exit towards the VEF Bridge.

As the narrative of Grīziņdārzs continues to unfold, 2024 holds promising evolution and progress. Stay tuned for an exciting year ahead!


“Grīzīņdārzs” marks a milestone by embedding a time capsule in a special event at the creative quarter

In September 2022, visitors gathered in the “Grīziņdārzs” territory to celebrate a significant milestone in the transformation process of the former factory building and collectively experience a truly historic moment – the sealing of a time capsule. This symbolic event assures that the project is moving forward and is set to reach its finish line soon.

On a sunny fall afternoon, the music of the “Sunny Groove Dixie” orchestra filled the air with joy and festive vibes. The event gathered everyone involved in the project, including teams from the architectural bureau “Open AD” and real estate developers “RA Invest”, celebrating their significant contribution to the project “Grīziņdārzs” and witnessing this historic moment. The time capsule, containing memorabilia and messages, was sealed and placed in the heart of “Grīziņdārzs,” symbolising the essence of the changes in the surrounding area.

This event marked the beginning of a new phase for “Grīziņdārzs”. The former factory building, transforming into a sustainable creative quarter, is becoming a hub for innovation, collaboration, and inspiration for future generations. The time capsule, reflecting the passion and vision behind the project, serves as a bridge to the future, reminding us that the best is yet to come for “Grīziņdārzs”.

Stay informed about the progress and events related to the development of “Grīziņdārzs” – become a part of our community where ideas emerge, and businesses grow.

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“Grīziņdārzs” developers complete the third building renovation and start works on the fourth

“Grīziņdārzs” is pleased to announce the successful completion of the renovation of the third building, marking a significant step in the ongoing restoration process of the area. This accomplishment highlights “Grīziņdārzs” commitment to preserving its industrial heritage while creating modern and functional office spaces.

The five-story building has been meticulously renovated, blending industrial style with loft design to create spacious and aesthetically appealing office spaces. The large window structures, nostalgically reminiscent of the building’s industrial past, allow natural light to flood the spaces, forming a productive and inspiring environment.

With the successful completion of works on the third building, “Grīziņdārzs” developers look forward to the next phase – the transformation of the fourth building and others. Each building will acquire a unique and revitalized character, harmonising history with modernity to create an inspiring workspace. The comprehensive renovation plan is set to conclude by 2027, establishing “Grīziņdārzs” as a sustainable centre for business innovations and collaboration.

Follow the news as “Grīziņdārzs” thrives and develops, establishing itself as a dynamic business hub where excellence resides and growth-oriented companies choose to make their office spaces.

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