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Author: Anete Sprukte

Buzzing with Life: Grīziņdārzs Introduces Urban Beekeeping

We are happy to welcome new residents to the creative city “Grīziņdārzs” as one of our complex buildings has become home to 10 beehives. This initiative is part of the “Grīziņdārzs” project’s goals to promote a greener environment and biodiversity in the urban environment.

The beehives will be tended by Jānis Šnikvalds, a well-known urban beekeeper in Latvia, who has overseen several successful projects, including the placement of beehives in Mežaparks behind the Song Festival stage and on the roof of the department store “Stockmann.”

The beehives are located on the roof of the K4 office building. The bees will pollinate and collect honey all summer—from June to August—promoting a healthy environment for flowers and plants in the surrounding green areas. The practice of urban beekeeping makes a valuable contribution to the city’s ecosystem and offers city dwellers the opportunity to learn about the importance of bees and observe their work up close.

The creative city “Grīziņdārzs” project is based on green thinking and responsible action in the urban environment. Cooperation with the beekeeper Jānis Šnikvalds and installing beehives provide environmental benefits and directly benefit the office complex residents. Improved air quality, reduced stress levels, the possibility of obtaining local honey, and informative activities about the importance of bees—all contribute to a positive atmosphere and promote a conscious attitude towards the environment.

With this initiative, the “Grīziņdārzs” team also encourages other companies and residents to consider getting involved in similar projects to promote biodiversity conservation and improve the urban environment.

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Grīziņdārzs Begins Construction of Klijānu Street Extension

As previously reported, the renovation of the creative city “Grīziņdārzs” also includes the improvement of the neighborhood infrastructure, creating a convenient connection between the “Grīziņdārzs” territory and Brīvības Street, which will ensure smooth access from the complex to the VEF Bridge.

The developer of the “Grīziņdārzs” project, “RA Invest,” together with the neighbors—the companies “Sprinkler Service” and “GS Baltics”—have started the construction of the Klijānu Street extension, which will significantly facilitate the movement of city residents. This initiative is aimed at urban development and improving the quality of life for residents. Work on the extension of Klijānu Street has begun and is planned to be completed this summer. The project is financed by the involved companies themselves, demonstrating their commitment to enhancing the city’s infrastructure.

The new Klijānu Street extension will provide benefits not only to “Grīziņdārzs” and the other involved companies but also to the surrounding area as a whole, improving traffic flow and serving as a convenient route for residents in their daily activities. For our tenants and their clients, it will ensure even more comfortable, easier, and more diverse access to the “Grīziņdārzs” area.

Stay tuned for news on the project’s progress!

Grīziņdārzs: A year in review and exciting prospects for 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, we are glad to glance back at the remarkable progress made in the development of Grīziņdārzs. Emerging as a symbol of urban transformation, the project is notable for worthy achievements, such as the ongoing renovation of the K2 building and the completion of the K4 building, showcasing revitalized interiors and exteriors. Our collaboration with the architecture bureau “OAD” shows enlightening results and promises to deliver some more innovative solutions in the upcoming year.

Stepping into 2024, our focus is on continued success and sustainability. The development team is eager to put the final touches on K2’s building facade and interior, accompanied by an improved courtyard adjacent to the building. Highlighting innovations that permeate the course of the project, the designing of the exclusive offices with terraces on the third floor of K4 will be completed in the upcoming months. Furthermore, the commencement of the K1(D) building’s facade renovation promises to be another pivotal chapter in the story of Grīziņdārzs.

Beyond the work on buildings, a landscape shift is on the horizon with the construction of a extension of  Klijānu Street that will be connecting it to Brīvības Street. This novel route will provide tenants with easy access to Grīziņdārzs from Brīvības Street and a seamless exit towards the VEF Bridge.

As the narrative of Grīziņdārzs continues to unfold, 2024 holds promising evolution and progress. Stay tuned for an exciting year ahead!


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